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The number of loops for the braids shown in this series is five unless specified otherwise.

THE BASIC RULE OF LOOP TRANSFER is the same in both Direction1 (D1) and Direction 2 (D2).

                                       Method #1                       Method #2

Initial loop allotment   La, Lb, Lc     Rc, Rd      L2, L3, L4    R2, R3

                                      OP                 RN               OP            RN

           Step 1                  Ra                Lc                  Rd            Lb

           Step 2                  La                Rc                 Ld             Rb


Twin 2-ridge flat braids (Fig. 1)

                                                          Method #1                             Method #2

        OP                                             Ra   /   La                                 Rd  / Ld

        Step 1                                      opn   -   thr thr                           opn  thr thr

        Step 2                                 mirror image of Step 1              mirror image of Step 1

Four-ridge flat braid with a twill pattern (Fig. 2)

        OP                                             Ra  /   La                                   Rd  /   Ld

        Step 1                             the same as Fig. 1 , Step 1         the same as Fig. 1 , Step 1
        Step 2                                     thr thr   -   cr                                  thr  thr   cr


                                          UO No. 1                               UO No. 2

        Method #1                thr ov - opn                           thr ov - cr

                                   mirror image of Step 1           mirror image of Step 1

  The track plan illustrates that UO No. 1 is composed of two flat braids, one with two ridges and another with 4 ridges, super imposed on each other. On the other hand, UO No. 2 is composed of two inter crossing 3-ridge flat braids.

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