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(1) Katja Johansen: Born 1948 in Portland, Oregon. Came to Denmark during her junior year abroad in 1968 from Antioch College and stayed. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation in 1977, post-graduate degree 1999. Employed at the Royal Collections, Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, since 1980, working with exhibition, conservation and research in the costume collection.

(2) Joy Boutrup: Born in Denmark 1946, Textile Chemist. 1970 educated in Krefeld, Germany, research in color depth in Textilforschungszentrum Nordvest, Krefeld until 1973. 1973 - 2000 Tenure at Danmarks Designskole, guest lecturer in the Scandinavian countries as well as Canada and USA etc. 2000 - 2003 Head of Textile-, Paper- and Leather Conservation at the National Museum of Denmark.

Have always been interested in all kinds of aspects of textiles but especially in the interaction of structure and behavior. Braiding and analyses of braids is for me a hobby, something I do for relaxation.

(3) Mari Omura, Research fellow at Gangoji Institute for Research of Cultural Property.

(4) Reiko Kumeda: A board member of Association for Recording the Air Raid of Aomori, and is active, among other things, as a volunteer guide of Sannai Maruyama Jomon Archeological Site.

(5) L-M BRIC News No. 4.

(6) Barbara Oberwinkler, a PhD from University of Munich majoring in Botany, developed an interest in pomegranates in the course of the study; their patterns in handcrafted objects and symbolism in arts and literature. She is involved in various textile hand crafts and loves to work with natural materials.

(7) Copy from the reproduction by Taschen, Köln, Germany, 1997, of "Descriptiion de l'Egypte / publiée des ordres of Napoléon Bonaparte," published 1809. Copy right Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviéve, Paris, France.

(8) F. Sober reports the use of the device in Morocco today. She also found the report of the practice in Bulgaria in the late 19th c. by Felix P. Kanitz.

(9) Dr. Obhof will shortly publish a description of the MS in "WÜRZBURGER MEDIZINHISTORISCHE MITTEILUNGEN". I will write a detailed description of the recipes in "Strands," the journal of the Braid Society, UK, and an article in the German periodical "Restauro" which should make the textile restorators aware of the technique and the librarians of the relevant key words.

(10) L-M BRIC News No. 4, 2001.

(11) U. T. Sirelius, (Title of the paper unknown), Suomen Kansanomaista Kulttuuria: Esineellisen Kansatieteen Tuloksia II.

(12) Theodor Schmidt, Finische Ornamante, Helsinki, 1983.